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Hydro Dolly

Hydroponics/Plant Dolly's aren't just for plants!

Our patented plant dolly is great for moving garden pots and large potted plants but can also be used for many other things. With three sizes available, the plant dolly can be used to move those heavy 5 gallon buckets, large dog food bags, and even as simple as moving your gardening soil from one area to another. The uses are unlimited! These plant dolly's will hold 200 - 500 pounds depending on the dolly size; we offer 12", 16", and 24". All are available with or without a center hole.

Use the Plant Dolly for:

  • Moving large potted plants
  • Heavy 5 gallon buckets
  • Moving gardening soil to different parts of your yard
  • Or simply just to elevate your plants off the ground